August 29, 2014

Recent News

Student Fees

Home room teachers are responsible for collecting student fees ($30 per student) on the first day students return to school.  If more than one student in the household is attending FHCS, the second student in the family will pay $20.00, and any remaining students in the family will pay $10.00. (Students who are taking advantage of the ‘family plan’ method of payment are to pay their student fees … [Read More...]

Boys Soccer

The first  boys soccer tryout will be Friday, September 5th from 3-5pm here at the school.   … [Read More...]

FHCS now Nut Aware!!

FHCS is now a Nut Aware facility and recognize that some members of our school community are dangerously allergic. We ask that no peanuts/nut products be brought to school. … [Read More...]

First days in September

CORRECTION: The first school day in September for FHCS grade 9's and 10's will be on September 4th. All grades (9,10,11 12) will come on September 5th. See you then! … [Read More...]


Early registration for students attending FHCS in September who have not yet registered will be held on August 28th and 29th at the school between the hours of 9:00 and 2:30. … [Read More...]