December 19, 2014

Recent News

FHCS Annual Report to the Community

Data and Results Before we develop goals for our school, we have to take a serious look at how we are doing currently. The number of students who received at least one mid-term grade below 50% during the 2013-2014 school year were as follows: ·   First semester mid-term – 76 (28%) ·   Second semester mid-term – 46 (17%) The percentage of students with moderate to high levels of … [Read More...]

ANNOUNCEMENTS for Thursday, December 18, Day 6

Cafeteria Special:  Chicken or ham with cheese on a bagel, salad or soup, with a milk or water $5.25. Chicken noodle vegetable soup also available for $2.50. Sports News: After school girls' softball skills development has been cancelled. See Mr. Naugler if you have any questions.   Other News:  Crozier's Driving School will be starting their January driving course … [Read More...]

Role of the Community Health Worker in the School

There is a community health worker available to students in our schools. As a South Shore Health employee, his/her role is to provide support to our grades 7-12 students in the areas of substance use, mental health, and sexual health. Students may access this support directly, on their own or in consultation with guidance, school administration, or other school staff. Another role of the community … [Read More...]

Important December Dates

Wednesday, 3- PLC “Embedded Time” Early Dismissal Today (1:40) Friday, 5 - All unpaid student fees are due Monday, 8 – Grad Photos -make an appointment in the office Tuesday, 9 - Grad Photos -make an appointment in the office Wednesday, 10 - Grad Photos -make an appointment in the office Thursday, 11 - Grad Photos -make an appointment in the office; School Dance Friday, 19 – Last … [Read More...]

GUIDANCE Announcements Dec. 15/14

Local bursary applications generally come in around the beginning of March - before March break so the students can have the time to fill them out. The Guidance Counselor sends a letter to the organizations who have given last year in January asking if they are still planning to give a bursary and if they want the old forms used or if there are updates.  Some applications do come in ahead of time … [Read More...]